Professional Development

Foundation Training

Foundation Training prepares teachers to use the GrapeSEED curriculum and provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use the materials. Teachers attend Foundation Training virtually, via Zoom, before they begin teaching the curriculum.

Professional Development Video Library

Teachers have unlimited access to a comprehensive video library and online courses that serve as professional development resources focused on implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum. Topics include GrapeSEED Materials and Effective Teaching Examples modules and the Master Teacher series.

Implementation Support
Teacher Support

Teacher support is focused on implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum with fidelity to ensure student success. Virtual support could include classroom observations focused on identifying areas of success and growth, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, co-teaching, and/or providing a professional learning session for teachers on an agreed upon, specific aspect of implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum.

Self-Reflection Video Analysis

Teachers video record themselves teaching a GrapeSEED lesson and complete a self-reflection video analysis. They then meet with a GrapeSEED Professional Learning Specialist who provides feedback on how to enhance implementation fidelity and effectiveness for increased student success.