Insight into Student Learning

Engaged families contribute to learning success.

The Parent Site allows families to monitor their child’s usage and find a variety of helpful information about GrapeSEED such as Unit Newsletters and downloadable activity pages. In addition, it also offers families personalized information about which materials their child has practiced and the vocabulary that they are learning.

An Engaging Experience For Children

The GrapeSEED Student App allows students to continue learning anywhere. The Student App guides the child’s learning experience with daily recommended content and provides interactivity and choice for increased engagement. Children advance through unit content while earning badges and unlocking GrapeSEED puzzles—gaining a sense of satisfaction, achievement, increased confidence, and advancement with language.

Acquire Oral Language with GrapeSEED Anywhere

While our curriculum focuses primarily on teacher-led instruction, students have the opportunity to use the Student App to practice unit specific language concepts outside of the GrapeSEED lesson. This can include practice in school or at home.

The Student App is Built for Success

The GrapeSEED Student App runs on Android and Apple devices, allowing students to practice anywhere, harnessing the power of technology to extend the learning environment with an engaging, interactive experience.

Web-Based Engagement

Sometimes mobile devices are not available or desired. In either case, GrapeSEED has you covered with our Student Site. This web-based version of our Student App provides the same fun and engaging experience as the app but in a browser instead.