With the GrapeSEED Portal, learning takes place anywhere. The GrapeSEED Portal is a cloud-based platform comprised of a comprehensive suite of fully integrated digital resources designed to improve the overall teaching and learning experience.

Whether in the classroom or at home, students and teachers have flexible access to everything they need to succeed with GrapeSEED’s cloud-based platform.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, parent, or student – we have provided what you need for success with GrapeSEED.

GrapeSEED’s cloud-based platform enhances and accelerates the learning process.
Ongoing Development

GrapeSEED is committed to providing the most engaging and effective technology for our customers. As such, we have a regular cycle of development providing new features and products for our schools, teachers, and families.


Technology to help administrators to achieve successful outcomes with GrapeSEED easily and efficiently.

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Technology to help teachers teach, grow professionally, and monitor their students' usage.

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Students & Families

Technology to help families support their child’s learning and watch them grow.

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