GrapeSEED enables students to acquire English oral language naturally as they develop basic reading fluency, writing awareness/readiness, and writing skills.

GrapeSEED was built upon five carefully integrated platforms: Vertical Phonics, the Functional-Notional Approach, a Controlled Vocabulary chosen specifically for children, Language Arts Skills that support the development of oral communication ability, and an opportunity for Repeated Exposure and Practice. It is the perfect way in which all five of these platforms are seamlessly integrated that makes GrapeSEED the best way for children to develop English Oral Language skills. And, it’s just so much fun – the kids cheer for GrapeSEED time!



GrapeSEED offers tools that provide flexibility to teachers, students and their families.

Synchronous online classes- the teacher and the children meet together online at a specified time for class. This class is held on a digital platform such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Asynchronous online classes- The children are able to go online and watch class at any time that is convenient for their family.

Tomorrow a Teacher. Today a GrapeSEED Learner.