Using the Functional-Notional Approach, GrapeSEED is focused on the practical and immediate use of the English language. Functions, expressions, and vocabulary are acquired with the primary goals of comprehension and communication rather than the cumbersome memorization of grammatical rules and lists of words.

Students learn to listen to and recognize English and to process and speak their thoughts—without having to first think in, and then interpret from, their first or heritage language. By teaching English in the way that children naturally learn (through continuous exposure), GrapeSEED joyfully builds confidence, meaning and fluency.



GrapeSEED provides students with the skills necessary for complete communicative proficiency — understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

GrapeSEED is unique because its framework was built upon five carefully integrated platforms: Vertical Phonics, the Functional-Notional Approach, a Controlled Vocabulary chosen specifically for children, Language Arts Skills that support the development of oral communication ability, and an opportunity for Repeated Exposure and Practice. It is the purposeful way in which all five of these platforms are seamlessly integrated that make GrapeSEED the best way for children to acquire English oral language skills.