GrapeSEED provides families with a wide array of support to help their children as they progress throughout the GrapeSEED curriculum.

  • The Student App/Portal opens a world of opportunity by providing repeated exposure and practice to the language being acquired through teacher-led instruction. Students can access the daily play list, interactive questions, and the music and video library.

  • Our Video Recorded Lessons provide families with an alternative to in-person instruction. Students can watch and interact to acquire English in the comfort of their home.

  • Our In Sync video series especially for families provides tips, strategies, and examples for extending the learning fun at home.

  • The GrapeSEED Newsletter provides families with an overview of their student’s current unit. The newsletter includes the unit’s special theme and highlighted vocabulary, important language learning concepts, a ‘look back’ at the previous unit, and tips for supporting their student at home.

  • Our Printable Activities such as writing and coloring pages further expose children to English concepts and encourage natural language acquisition. These can be shared with their student by GrapeSEED teachers.